Knee pain is an all-too-common occurrence. Dr. Michal Nesnick of Nesnick Total Health in Woodstock, GA offers knee treatments that can provide the pain relief you want. He is a licensed, board-certified chiropractor. Chiropractic care provides a holistic approach to health care and healing. 

Infrared sauna

With an infrared sauna, the heat is not caused by a wood or electrically fired stove; it is caused by light. Lamps are used to create heat. Studies from around the world have shown that arthritis responds well to infrared heat. It can help with the pain and stiffness that results from both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has been shown to reduce inflammation in the knees and other body parts, as well. 

Knee decompression

Knee decompression is a therapy that uses traction to separate the tibia and the femur while also stretching the soft tissue in the knee. The aim is to provide relief from pain and to increase mobility. It can help to break down the scar tissue after knee replacement surgery. 


Cryotherapy uses cold to reduce swelling and inflammation. Pain relief also results. When cold slows down circulation it forces the immune system to kick in and endorphins and adrenaline are released, which are nature's way of dealing with pain. 

Therapeutic massage

Massage is a complementary therapy that works well with chiropractic knee treatments. It has been shown in studies to be an effective alternative to help with knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. It has no side effects and patients have shown improvement in flexibility and less stiffness. This is a therapy that can benefit your entire body, so it is well worth trying. 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy uses manipulation and exercise to improve strength and flexion in the knees. You will also be getting a set of exercises to do at home that can help you with pain relief and speed up your recovery. 

Chiropractic manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation is a treatment that is used on the joints to reinstate alignment. A spine in alignment can transmit messages to the entire body, including the knees. Chiropractic manipulation of the knee helps the knee joint to be realigned when it is dislocated. 

Vibration therapy 

Studies have shown that vibration therapy is very effective in helping with knee pain and offers soothing relief from arthritis pain. It can be used with a therapeutic exercise program for maximum results.

Contact Dr. Nesnick, a chiropractic-certified extremity practitioner who offers services at Nesnick Total Health in Woodstock, GA. when you are in need of knee treatments. You can reach us on the phone to make an appointment at 770-516-2323. 

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