A Wonderful Experience —

"The office is cozy, Tranquil and yet a Family friendly atmosphere all at once! They are professional and provided us with excellent care. They spent time educating us a giving one-on-one personalized service-answering any questions and really showing they cared for us."

- Naida C.

Never an Issue —

"They were able to meet our challenging financial circumstances and worked with us to ensure we would continue to receive proper care and still fit into our budget. Most would turn us away and yet they didn’t. The Nesnick Family are wonderful people and the care they provide is the best we’ve ever received. We would recommend them to anyone looking for effective Chiropractic services."

- William “Tory” C.

Thanks —

"I was having severe back and neck pain. I sat down with Dr. Michal Nesnick and reviewed all my trouble areas, some of which I didn’t know I had. Dr. Nesnick explained to me that this was going to take time and dedication on my part, but I was in so much pain that I really didn’t care. He put together a packet from my first visit and showed me all my problem areas and explained how he was going to fix it. Soon I had more energy, felt more alert, and experienced increase mobility. I was sleeping better at night and the pain wasn’t as strong, which was the best. This is the best thing I have done for me and my body. I would recommend Dr. Nesnick and Nesnick Family and Sports Chiropractic to everyone. Thank you Dr. Nesnick and staff for giving me my pain free life back."

- Seth C.


"Most of the time when in a Doctors office I have felt small and that my input really wasn’t being heard but after meeting the staff I was set back with the understanding and explanations. Dr Nesnick ‘s whole body approach was informative and eye-opening. I now have a better understanding of how to prevent and take charge of my health conditions without resulting to a quick fix. I am in this game for the long haul. Thanks for all your help."

- Anthony N.


"It’s hard not to think about how many different types of doctors I have seen over the years for the same problem with little or no results at all. Now this is not my first time to a chiropractic office and the results was the same as in the past with chiropractic and traditional medicine. But I was again in need of help and knew at the least i would get some relief as least for the time being. Dr Nesnick’s approach was the first thing that I noticed was different from the previous offices. And IT ALL made so much sense as EVERYTHING was explained before during and after .I now can honestly say that this was the best decision and thank my friend for pointing me (finally) in the right direction. Pain nowdays is next to non existent and my quality of life is short of remarkable compared to the past. Thanks for EVERYTHING."

- Dara G.

Chronic Pain —

"I am 64 years old and I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Fibromyalgia. The doctor said that it was probably the result of a car accident that I was involved in about a year before my diagnosis. The fibromyalgia caused symptoms that changed my life. The first thing I noticed was that I could only sleep for 3 hours at a time and falling asleep took a while.

After the first 5 sessions I started to notice some changes. I was able to sleep for 5 hours without waking up – something I had not done in years. I was also able to fall asleep easier but the pain was still there. After about 15 sessions the pain was starting to fade. The night of the 21st session I slept for 13 hours straight! My son said that he had to keep coming in and checking on me because he thought I had died in my sleep. I woke up that morning for the first time with no pain and I have been pain free ever since."

- Debbie C., GA

Child Gets All A’s On Report Card —

"Thanks again for all that you have done for Chris. It’s nice not to get called into school twice a week to meet with the principal. Yesterday his teacher called to say how well he was doing and to thank me for getting him on medication. She said that the medication really made a difference and he was now paying attention, getting his work done and no longer was disturbing the class. When I told her that he wasn’t’ on medication she was shocked. She wanted to know what we did. I told her about you and the work you are doing and she asked me for your contact information. You will probably get a call from her."

- Anne S., Savannah, GA

Athletic Peak Performance —

"Whatever you are doing is incredible. I never thought that playing a computer game could have such an effect on my golf game. I’ve shaved 12 strokes off my score in just 2 months. I’m ready to sign up for another 20 sessions. Are you sure I can’t get you out on the golf course? My treat! By the way, the blinking glasses are remarkable – I’m actually sleeping through the night!"

- Dou

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